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July 2020
New NIH Grant

New administrative supplement to our NIH/NIDDK 3R01DK117504 (Salton, Buettner,Bartolomucci, PIs) awarded!

June 26, 2020
News article by Graduate students

Very important opinion piece Carey Lyons (PhD student in the lab) and colleagues in the Graduate Program of Neuroscience at GPN. 

Is tear gas safe? Scientists don’t know.

By Jennifer Brown, Carey Lyons and Roman Tyshynsky

New Covid19 grant awarded

Very pleased to have been awarded a 2020 IEM COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant Program from the Institute for Engineering in Medicine at the University of Minnesota! 

Project title: A mouse model of risk factors for COVID-19

Animal Models for the Social Dimensions of Health and Aging Research Network

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new NIH supported network: the “Animal Models for the Social Dimensions of Health and Aging Research Network” ( 

This NIH-supported High Priority Research Network supports research, mentorship, and training activities to integrate animal models into studies of the social dimensions of health and aging, across the life course.

Our first call for the Bruce McEwen Career Development Fellowship Award is now live (

New NIH Grant

New collaborative NHLBI R01 on 'Psychosocial stress exacerbates doxorubicin-induced cardiovascular aging', with our colleague Dr Behay Zordoky! 

August 2019
A new NIDDK R56 Grant

The lab was awarded a new NIDDK R56 grant!  Title: Molecular control of BAT functions by adrenergic/purinergic signaling

February 2019
Minnesota Partnership Grant

The lab was awarded a $1M Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics grant to study “Stress-Induced Exacerbation of Senescence-Associated Diseases” in collaboration with Jan van Deursen, Ph.D., Mayo Clinic.

Bhavani Sahu awarded a IBRO grant

Congratulation to Dr. Bhavani Sahu for the award of the IBRO Return Home Fellowships to establish his lab at MS University Baroda, India. Congratulation Bhavani! 

September 2018
New NIH R01 Awarded!

co-PIs: Salton, Bartolomucci, Buettner

Aging Cell paper, news etc

Our paper "Social stress shortens lifespan in mice" Aging Cell was recommended on F1000Prime and featured in several news outlets -UMN NeuroscienceNews EurekAlert ScienceDaily MedicalXpress IU

May 2018
Scientific Tweets

The Lab is on Twitter....... follow us at @BartolomucciLab for recent news and publications.

Bhavani receives multiple awards and fellowships

Congratulation to Bhavani Sahu, PhD, who has been awarded the 2018 Daniel T. O'Connor Young Investigator Award from the Catecholamine Society, and a Travel Research Fellowship from The Journal of Cell Science funded by the Company of Biologist to support a short research stay in the Lab of Dr Mahata at UCSD. 

February 2, 2018
Marzolf Grant awarded

New grant Awarded. The lab was a awarded a Greg Marzolf Jr. Foundation’s research grant to understand the impact of the stress response on mouse models of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

May 4, 2017
Symposium “Stress, Metabolism and Aging”

Thursday, May 4, 2017 9:00am-5:00pm
Cancer & Cardiovascular Research Bldg 1-125
2231 6th Street SE, Minneapolis

This Symposium aims to provide an authoritative interdisciplinary and translational perspective spanning from preclinical to clinical studies, on how chronic stress and metabolic functions result in altered developmental trajectories and diseases with impact on aging and mortality. The goal of the symposium is to foster an interdisciplinary discussion on pervasive, but yet understudied and poorly understood factors, affecting how we age and to inform on novel therapies to increase the likelihood of a longer, healthier life.
The symposium will honor the memory of Dr. Robert Kane,Professor and Director, Center on Aging.


  • Bruce McEwen, Rockefeller University.
  • Tracy Bale, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Rozalyn Anderson, University of Wisconsin, Madison.
  • Owen Wolkowitz,University of California San Francisco

Supported by:University of Minnesota Medical School;Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology; Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics;Center for Neurobehavioral Development; Center on Aging.

Symposium organizer: Alessandro Bartolomucci.  Contact: [email protected]

January 2017, TLQP-21 study featured

Cheryl Cero, first author of our recent work on TLQP-21-induced pro-lipolytic and anti obesity effect was featured in the "60 Seconds of Metabolism".

2017 Award

Dr. Alessandro Bartolomucci has been awarded the 2017 Winston and Maxine Wallin Neuroscience Discovery Award for the project entitled "Sympathetic neuromodulaiton of borwn adipose tissue functions in obesity."  

2016 Grant Awarded

Dr. Alessandro Bartolomucci and Dr Valter Tucci (IIT, Italy) have been awarded a research grant from the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research for the project entitled "Physiological and genetic determinants on hyperthermia andhyperphagia in PWS"  

2016-17 Award

The 2016-17 Fesler-Lampert Chair in Aging Studies, Center on Aging, University of Minnesota, has been awarded to Alessandro Bartolomucci.  Project: The role of stress adaptation, one of the seven pillars of aging, and its impact on health and lifespan.

February 2016

Stress-BAT study featured:

Our recent work on stress-modulation of BAT functions and obesity was featured in the "60 seconds of metabolism" and in Labroots

May 1, 2015

Alessandro Bartolomucci appointed Director of the IBP Phenotyping Core facility. 

April 30, 2015

Social Stress, Obesity and Aging: an animal model. Invited talk presented by Alessandro Bartolomucci at the Environmental Health Seminar Series, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota.

September 29, 2014

Alessandro Bartolomucci presents a talk entitled Molecular dissection of the vgf-derived peptide TLQP-21 functions in obesity at the Diabetes and Obesity Talks, University of Iowa.

June 25, 2014

Cheryl Cero is recipient of the Doctorate Dissertation Fellowship Award, University of Minnesota

August 6, 2014

NIH/NIDDK R01 grant awarded: Molecular Dissection of TLQP-21 Peptide Functions in Obesity.

October 4, 2013

Alessandro Bartolomucci presents a talk entitled "Social Stress, Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes" at the XV Italian Society for Neuroscience meeting. He also chaired the plenary lecture by Sabrina Diano, Yale University and the symposium entitled "Neuroscience of Diabetes".

July 16, 2013

Alessandro Bartolomucci presents a talk entitled "VGF-derived peptides: functional role in obesity and diabetes" at the International Symposium on Chromaffin Cell Biology, Rouen, France.

May 15, 2013

Maria Razzoli is the recipient of the Visscher Young Investigator Award for her work on Phase shift of adrenal and pituitary clock gene in mice under chronic social stress. She received the First place award in the Postdoc category.  Congratulations Maria!

vischer award

May 15, 2013

Maria Razzoli, Senior Scientist, is selected to present her work entitled Phase shift of adrenal and pituitary clock gene in mice under chronic social stress at the 4thVisscher Symposium, IBP, UMN.

May 11, 2013

Cheryl Cero, Graduate student, is selected to present her work entitled The VGF derived peptide TLQP-21: functional dissection and structural analysis of a new pro-lipolytic and anti-obesity molecule at the 2013 Minnesota Diabetes Research Day.

April 30, 2013

Alessandro Bartolomucci presents a talk entitled Stress, Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes at the European Conference of Endocrinology, Copenhagen, Denmark.

April 26, 2013

Erik Finnesgard, undergraduate student, awarded the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). Congratulation Erik!

December 7, 2012



Maria Razzoli, Senior Scientist, present a paper entitled Chronic Social Stress Models of Human Disease at the annual ISSNAF Minnesota chapter event.


December 3, 2012

William Engeland's Lab awarded Wallin Neuroscience Discovery Awards 2012 entitled The Adrenal Clock: a Target for Stress-Induced Depression. Bartolomucci Co-PI.

As part of a team effort to understand the role of the adrenal clock on stress-induced disease Engeland and Bartolomucci Lab will use a well-established mouse model of chronic psychosocial stress to ask the question if stress affects the phase of the adrenal clock genes and if this affects cort secretion and is associated with individual's vulnerability to psychological and metabolic disturbances.

October 5, 2012

abstract flower

Bartolomucci Lab awarded a NIH Transformative Research Award entitled Energetics, Disparities, & Lifespan: A Unified Hypothesis. PI D. Allison (UAB).

As part of a team effort to understand the role of energetics and body fat deposition on aging, Bartolomucci Lab will use a well established mouse model of chronic psychosocial stress to ask the question if social rank in mice affects food energy acquisition and fat deposition in the short term and how this affects mortality and lifespan.

September 10, 2012

Alessandro Bartolomucci co-chairs with Ricardo Borges (University of La Laguna, Spain) a session entitled Granins, Catecholamines, and the Chromaffin Cell at the Xth International Catecholamine Symposium.

September 2012

DMM cover

A special issue entitled The Obese Species (Guest editors Alessandro Bartolomucci, Stefano Parmigiani, R. John Rodgers, Antonio Vidal-Puig, Sarah E. Allan and Vivian Siegel) is published by the journal Disease, Models and Mechanisms. This Special Issue aims to provide an authoritative update on obesity that embraces the multidisciplinary spirit of the workshop held in Erice in October 2011. It is not intended to be a comprehensive account of the workshop's proceedings, and also includes contributions from authors from the wider obesity field.

August 2012

Cheryl Cero, IBP graduate student, awarded the Research Award for graduate students at the Annual Cardiovascular Retreat. Congratulation Cheryl!

May 18, 2012

Alessandro Bartolomucci presents a talk entitled Social stress, obesity and diabetes: from models to mechanisms at the 14th Annual Meeting of the International Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society.

May 2, 2012

Rana Mohammed, undergraduate student, awarded the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). Congratulation Rana!

December 14, 2011

Bartolomucci Lab awarded the Decade of Discovery in Diabetes Grant 2012 entitled A new drug target for obesity and type 2 diabetes: the TLQP-21 peptide.

decade of discovery

Bartolomucci Lab will lead a team at UofM and Mayo Clinic to understand the biochemical structure, identify the mechanism of pro-lipolytic and anti-obesity effects of the VGF-derived peptide TLQP-21. The team includes Alessandro Bartolomucci (PI, UofM), John Miles (Co-PI, Mayo), Gianluigi Veglia (Co-I, UofM) and Ludmila Vulchanova (Co-I, UofM).